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Since our company’s inception, we have utilized design to enhance people’s lives. CLAREVILLE DISTINCTIVE KITCHENS & BATHS, convey radiant design ideas by the creative amalgamation of human need, environmental stewardship, value creation, science, and art. This unique point of view, and closely controlled approach, merge to help us make available authoritative directives, from which to reach our clients design needs and objectives. We take pride in delighting clients with integrity, and cultivating a trusting relationships. This in order to deliver a solution that is uniquely theirs, while our primary focus is on satisfying their particularized objectives as follows;

  • You will see results of our promise in our actions.
  • We believe that great ideas come from working together. So the first thing we do is getting to know you in order to understanding your culture and leadership.
  • We give rise to extraordinary environments that meet our clients design trials, no matter how complex they may seem to be.
  • We provide uninterrupted attention to what your needs are.
  • We offer the straight goods, on all aspects within the construction process, including but not limited to; budgets, time frames, process & procedures, as well as communication on any deviations from any of the above.
  • We increase the value of the” human experience” that you will go through, from the initial concept and schematic stage to project completion.
  • We care about serving our clients, connecting people and places, but most of all we would feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you were inspired through our work, corporate philosophies, and ideals.
Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations


CLAREVILLE DISTINCTIVE KITCHENS & BATHS ultimate goal is to make no compromise. Instead we always strive to achieve the highest standard in manufacturing excellence with each of our projects no matter the size, or scope of work. At CLAREVILLE DISTINCTIVE KITCHENS & BATHS we are able to provide a “One Stop” Design, Manufacturing, and Installation Solution for all your cabinetry and joinery requirements, with a unbinding commitment to quality. As a result of this, CLAREVILLE DISTINCTIVE KITCHENS & BATHS, has become the homeowners or building contractors natural link for the sales, design, manufacturing, and installation of fine cabinet furnishings and joinery.

All of our products, are produced locally at our fully automated, and technologically advanced manufacturing facility. This combined with the skilled craftsmen, and women that we have heavily invested in, allows us to control the manufacturing process, logistics, and all quality assurance protocols. It also ensures that our chic products, their performance, and unique features, are in conformance with our tradition of high manufacturing standards, at any volume level, or design specifications. Connected to our manufacturing facility, is our trendsetting showroom. Here clients are able to choose from hundreds of samples, that will help create their unique setting, ensuring that their project is produced as they envisioned it. Weather at our manufacturing facility, or when on site installing our finished products, we are also committed to maintaining the highest accredited safety standards in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation, for the benefit of our employees, clients, and the general public.


Eco-logical + Eco-friendly = Eco-nomy

We at CLAREVILLE DISTINCTIVE KITCHENS & BATHS, are committed to building sustainable projects that are environmentally responsible. From our manufacturing process, to office administration, we uphold the same consideration with all our activities, for the benefit of healthy communities, as well as the natural and built environment. We therefore take this leadership role and responsibility of protecting our natural resources, to a great and remarkable extent.

In conjunction with our continual education process, we at CLAREVILLE DISTINCTIVE KITCHENS & BATHS source the highest quality products. We further rely on our energy efficient equipment, that allow us to minimizing any negative impact to the environment during the manufacturing, or installation processes, which also translates to significant cost savings, due to a general efficient performance, and decreased emissions. We avoid the use of products that may release harmful organic compounds such as certain paints, or adhesives, and introduce the use of materials that are lower in their volatile organic compound make-up.

We are also firm believers, that a positive relationship with nature occurs through observing, developments, and hands-on experience. Accordingly, interacting with nature in an urban setting, and building a connection with the land, motivates us to explore and protect the nature that surrounds us. Our business decisions will always integrate environmental assessment and responsible governance, while they will also include;

  • utilizing products that contain recycled material,
  • improve indoor, and outdoor air quality,
  • energy conservation,
  • recycling,
  • continual improvement through education,
  • fuel efficient driving

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Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations