Purchase CKCA Certified Cabinets for Your Next Kitchen Project

Purchase CKCA Certified Cabinets for Your Next Kitchen Project

Certified cabinet manufacturers provide the quality products that you need in your home. You’ll find that you’ll have a variety of options available in terms of cabinets and it’s best to understand them before coming to a final decision. There are a number of accessories, finishes, materials and/or styles to choose from and each one comes with its own set of benefits or disadvantages.
Research the manufacturer ahead of time to save money and time. This is a long-term investment you are making so think about both your selection of the cabinets and the manufacturer of them. It’s estimated that clients are half as likely to find a problem with their cabinets when they are involved in the selection process than other people that only rely on advice from architects, designers or contractors. Take a proactive role and make sure that you are dealing with a cabinet manufacturer that belongs to the CKCA (Canadian Kitchen Cabinetry Association).

The Canadian Kitchen Cabinetry Association certifies cabinetry and if you purchase your cabinets with its seal of approval you’ll know that they have been not only built but also tested using strict guidelines. The cabinets will be tested for the following:
– Durability
– Construction
– Moisture resistance
– Finish
– Hinge, drawer, and shelf strength
– Household chemical and heat resistance
– Workmanship
– Appearance
– More

As well, to be certified, they must be manufactured in Canada. When you decide to buy a certified product you’ll know that you are making an investment in a manufacturer from Canada that is dedicated to providing the best cabinets possible. If you have any further questions about the best cabinets to choose for your upcoming kitchen upgrade please contact one of our Clareville Kitchens specialists at 905-793-2990 or visit our website at clarevillekitchens.ca.

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