Frameless or Framed Cabinet Construction and Design

Frameless or Framed Cabinet Construction and Design

When it comes to the type of cabinet you choose, it will be based on your personal preference. Framed cabinets feature a wood frame outlining the outside front of the cabinet while frameless cabinets don’t provide this feature. As well, there are different techniques used to support and assemble the cabinetry.

Framed Cabinets

These are a more traditional style of cabinets that have passed the test of time for centuries. They have a sort of lip that can be found around the cabinet and continue to be a popular design. The frame gives the cabinet box extra strength so that its structural integrity remains the same for years on end. When cabinets fall out of alignment and don’t have their 90° angles any longer, the doors become sticky.

While there is less storage room available with these types of cabinets, they have their own benefits. With a wider frame there is more clearance space so that two cabinets can be butted together to create a seamless look.

Frameless Cabinets

These cabinets feature a more contemporary design. This manufacturing style comes from Europe and features greater accessibility since the face frame has been eliminated. The boxes is made thicker to provide extra stability and overlay doors are hung on the side of the box with hinges.

Frameless cabinets provide extra storage space for drawers and cupboards while at the same time providing easy access to the contents inside. There is no face frame so all you’ll see are the fronts of the drawers and doors. For many, this aesthetic look is a perfect fit for a modern kitchen upgrade.

The difference between the 2 styles doesn’t hold a lot of significance and you can’t go wrong by choosing either one. It will all come down to personal preference in terms of style and accessibility. To learn more about your design options for cabinet construction please visit our site at We are the Toronto kitchen design specialists that can help make your new kitchen upgrade the best it can possibly be. If your are looking to build kitchen or bathroom cabinets in Brampton, Mississauga or other areas in the GTA, call us at 905-793-2990.

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