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CLAREVILLE DISTINCTIVE KITCHENS & BATHS has continued to uphold it's prestige and perceived first class distinction, since 1989. Throughout the industry, we have been recognized for our Design Concepts, Manufacturing, and Installation of imaginative Fine Custom Cabinetry, as well as for complete home Renovations, and Interior Design. To further broaden the scope of services provided, our actively engaged design principals also assist our clientele to express their unique style throughout the rest of their home, by providing designs for; built in units, laundry rooms, entry ways, closets, and media centers.

Our "Design Excellence Initiative", is achieved by the strong creative credo of our collaborative in-house faculty, who have a vested interest in sustainable design, business acumen and innovation. These leading, and prominent designers, are also recognized for their ability to thoroughly consider all our clients requirements, and then capture the spirit of a space, by visualizing its capabilities and then producing sustainable designs. All of our design decisions are made after listening, absorbing, analyzing, and by considering our economic well being, natural resources, and environmental consequences, while all of our quality materials are sourced from reputable Canadian suppliers. Designed to set the tone for elegant lifestyle pursuits, and gracious entertaining, CLAREVILLE DISTINCTIVE KITCHENS & BATHS designs, exemplify a refined way of living, with an elegance that is timeless and distinctive.

Message From The President

CLAREVILLE DISTINCTIVE KITCHENS & BATHS, has recognized success from the integration of extraordinary aesthetic quality, and expressive characteristics that resonate in unison with our clients aspirations. By virtue of our commitment to exceptional customer service, CLAREVILLE DISTINCTIVE KITCHENS & BATHS, has differentiated itself by becoming a forerunner in this industry, and as a result is chosen and admired by Architects, Homeowners, Builders, and Developers. Thus, CLAREVILLE DISTINCTIVE KITCHENS & BATHS, has become the natural link for the Sales, Design, Manufacturing, and Installation of fine cabinet furnishings and joinery.

We respond to market needs by being accountable for our artistic vision, compassion, fiscal responsibility, innovation, sound economics, timely outcomes and community values. Fulfilling these responsibilities allows us to create distinctive and exquisite places that stand the test of time and that are healthy as well as safe places that will be enjoyed by future generations. We harbor a culture of high standards, and we care deeply about what we do. You can see it in our work, and you will feel it in our client meetings. This passion reverberates throughout our corporate structure, and thus provides deep meaning to all projects we are involved with.

We are very keen to develop a relationship with you. We would therefore be grateful for any opportunity that will enable us to discuss in detail your kitchen, bathroom, interior design or any other renovation project. Rest assured that your renovation project is very meaningful to us, and will receive the highest degree of attention so that your project meets the timely and budgetary forecasts you rely on and expect. Therefore, we would undergo any lengths in order to earn your trust in all of our services. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and can make ourselves available to meet at your convenience in order to accommodate your scheduling demands.


Our Vision

CLAREVILLE DISTINCTIVE KITCHENS & BATHS, will continue to build a sustainable brand, and uphold it’s first class distinction as one of Canada’s leading Designer and Manufacturer of imaginative kitchen, and bath design concepts. We aspire to do this by making responsible business decisions after considering our economic well being, our natural resources, and environmental consequences, while in the end produce designs that reflect our clients specific requirements, echo their aspirations, and make an enduring statement about the sense of style.


Our Mission

We want to develop solutions that offer shareholder value, through sustainable design, and innovation. We want to be recognized as one of Canada’s top 10 corporate cultures, that invests heavily in it’s people, and offers employees opportunities for growth, and development. We will be good listeners, accept feedback, and provide a working environment that promotes a desirable place for our clients to conduct business, and employees to work in.


Our Core Values

CLAREVILLE DISTINCTIVE KITCHENS & BATHS, emphatically believes in cultural diversity in its workplace. Accordingly, we strive to create a positive atmosphere where individuals of all cultures are respected, and valued. Guided by the relentless focus on all the above imperatives, we will constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision. When this is accomplished, we will deliver operational excellence at every level, so that we can exceed the expectations of all constituencies we do business with.
Sustainability, Accountability, Stewardship, Innovation, Absolute Integrity, Environmental Edu, Giving member to the Ithaca Society, Transparency.

Corporate Goodwill

CLAREVILLE DISTINCTIVE KITCHENS & BATHS origins are deeply rooted in the code of sustainability, and is dedicated to improving the quality of the natural and built environments. We believe in providing everlasting quality with every project, for the benefit of the sophisticated audience of today, and future generations. Therefore we take our corporate and social responsibility to great extents by becoming a giving member in the Ithaca Society in which we live, play and thrive in. We get involved significantly with community and charitable organizations, by sponsoring and supporting their endeavors in order for them to achieve their goals.

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